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Craft spirits in the gorge!


Tasting Room Hours:
Tuesday - Sunday
11 am - 5 pm
(closed Monday)

(855) 663-2749

40 SW Cascade Ave,
Suite #45, Stevenson, WA 98648


Taste our craft!


Who are Skunk Brothers Spirits?

We are a true craft distillery, fine-tuning and hand-crafting our distilled spirits from local ingredients. We are getting back to our moonshining roots and make something uniquely Northwestern. 

We produce high quality Moonshine Corn Whiskey, Apple Pie Brandy, and Cinnamon Corn Whiskey. We are barrel-aging single malt and bourbon and have plans in the near future to produce gin, vodka, and some exciting seasonal fruit brandies and cordials. 

Our name was inspired by our pops, Skunk. He has another name, but earned the nickname when he ran into a skunk during a snow storm, and has been called Skunk ever since. Skunk's father was a moonshiner in Oregon, and we are here to go legal with the family business. 

We're committed to producing a top-quality product from the finest locally grown ingredients, bringing good moonshine and spirits to the Pacific Northwest.