Barrel Club

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What is the Barrel Club?

  • 3-year membership to tasting room and premiums.

  • $200-worth of merchandise and/or spirits per year.

  • Free tastings to all distillery events we attend and tasting room for 3 years.

  • Invitation to come help cook your batch with us, distill, and then barrel the bourbon, letting it age for 2 years. Once it has matured, we will then invite you to help us bottle and label if you like. We will also have your signature on each bottle, either printed or hand-signed depending on your preference.

  • 10% off merchandise past your $200-worth of gifts

  • Personal recognition (your name on a plaque in our tasting room and on your barrels and bottles)

  • Investment matures after 2 years of aging, in which time we split the gross sales of the bourbon bottles from your barrel.

  • Barrel Investment:

    • 50 gallon Barrel at 120 proof

    • 46 gallon (after angel’s share, etc...)

    • 69 gallons at 80 proof

    • 345 bottles per barrel


Below is a contact form to fill out if you are interested in joining and would like to be contacted.

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