Cinnamon Whiskey
Drink Recipes

80 Proof/ 40% ABV
The following recipes are made with our Cinnamon Whiskey. We like the extra spice it gives to any cocktail. We use our Moonshine Corn Whiskey as the base, sweetened with cane sugar, cinnamon and a hint of orange, plus a cinnamon stick in each bottle for natural cinnamon color and flavor.

Summer Fling
- 1 oz. SBS Cinnamon Whiskey
- 3 oz. lemonade
- 1 oz. cranberry juice
- splash ginger beer
- 3 lemon wedges
- 1 maraschino cherry

Muddle lemon in shaker, add ice, Cinnamon Whiskey and lemonade, shake and strain into sugar-rimmed martini glass. Add splash of ginger beer and cherry garnish. 


Red Hot Root Beer Float
- 1 oz. SBS Spirits Cinnamon Whiskey
- 6 oz. root beer
- 1 scoop vanilla ice cream

First add the ice cream to a glass, then add the cinnamon whiskey. Pour root beer over the top. 


Cinnamon Spiced Cider
- 1.5 oz. SBS Spirits Cinnamon Whiskey
- 8 oz. hard apple cider (dry is best)

Add Cinnamon Whiskey to chilled glass. Fill with hard cider.